[Fashion Goods] 1. PyeongHwa Market

[Fashion Goods] 1. PyeongHwa Market


     ① One of the representative fashion market that has 60 years of history

     ② Buyers mostly visit to buy fashion goods.

Information by Floor

3FMen’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Children, Lingerie
2FMen’s Wear, Women’s Wear, Shirts, Childres, Casual, Jeans, Jersey
1FHats, Bags, Scarves, Swimwear, Towel, Umbrella, Belt, Book, Accessory, Necktie, Parasol, Men’s Wear, Women’s Wear

Business Information

Business Hour10:00 p.m. ~ P.M. 06:00 p.m.
Saturday : 06:00 P.M ~ 10:00 PM
HolidayNew Year, Chuseok, Summer Vacation
Number of ShopsAbout 2,070 Shops
ContactsT. 02-2265-3531

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