[Women’s Wear] 10. Queen’s Square

[Women’s Wear] 10. Queen’s Square


When you are looking for leather products, this is the place you must visit. 
On the 2nd floor, you can, in particular, find excellent quality of fur clothing, leather products, jackets, and T-shirts.

◆Information by floor

B1FLadies’ wear, Men’s wear, Jeans, Children’s wear, Sportswear, Bags, Handbags, General merchandise
1FLadies’ wear, Men’s wear, Casual wear, Knitwear, Jeans, Cotton trousers, Training outfits, T-shirts
2FLadies Young Casual
3FLadies Young Casual
4FLadies Young Casual
5FLadies Young Casual
6FFur & Leather Specialty Floor

◆ Business Information

Business hours08:00 p.m. ~ 05:00 a.m. the following day
HolidaySaturdays Night
Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)
Lunar New Year’s Day
New Year’s Day
Summer vacation
The number of shopsAbout 1000 shops
ContactT. 02-2232-2882 F. 02-2238-2889

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