[Women’s Wear] 11. Shin Pyeong Hwa Fashion Town

[Women’s Wear] 11. Shin Pyeong Hwa Fashion Town

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Shin Pyeong Hwa Fashion Town is proud of its long history and rich business experience for the past several decades.
The shops in the shopping mall are wholesalers and run by professional designers, who produce their clothes in their own
factories. Shin Pyeong Hwa Fashion Town is regarded as one of the leaders in establishing and building the fame of
Dongdaemun Market. The special items of the shopping center are stage costumes and dancewear in 1st basement level and
lingerie, underwear and socks in the 1st floor. This is one of the most popular shopping centers among both domestic and
foreign consumers.

◆ Information by floor

B1FSexy clothes, Dancewear, Stage costumes, Ladies’ wear
1FSporting goods, Underwear, Lingerie, Socks
2FYoung casual clothes, Jeans, Ladies wear, Male & Female pants
3FMale & female full dresses, Neckties, Ladies’ wear, T-shirts
4FExport-oriented shops, Training outfits, Ladies’ wear, T-shirts

◆ Business Information

Business hoursB1F – 3F : PM 21:00 – PM 17:00
4F : AM 09:00 – PM 16:00
Outside : AM 08:00 – PM 20:00
Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving Day)
Lunar New Year’s Day
New Year’s Day
Summer vacation
The number of shopsAbout 1,100 shops
ContactT. 02-2253-0714 F. 02-2234-4844

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