Dongdaemun Style, the Market Power of its Commodity is Quite Strong

Dongdaemun Style, the Market Power of its Commodity is Quite Strong

There is a keyword used in management and marketing strategies called QM (Quality Message). QM means that quality of any commodity and the consistency is an advertisement, rather it is a message to buyers and consumers.

Many domestic and foreign consumers often think that electronic products manufactured by excellent companies such as Samsung and LG are always good quality. In fact, their electronic products are of good quality and are loved by many consumers because of that.  

Those two companies continued to gain the image of the company that always makes good quality products, and as a matter of fact, the management performance of advertising and promotion is great.

Amorepacific is loved by a huge size of Chinese consumers for the quality and its value of the various cosmetics produced and supplied by the company. This marketing strategy based on quality rather than price deserves great rewards.

Wholesalers in Dongdaemun market also send messages to domestic and foreign buyers that the fashion products in the market are of good quality, prior to Ads & promotion. Apart from discussing the truth or falsehood, Dongdaemun style, the market power of its commodities is strong.

Of course, there are many factors of its strength, but first of all is the newness of the products and its diversity.

As we all know, smarter domestic and foreign consumers do not like fashion products that are manufactured using automation machines. They prefer personalized fashion products over mass produced ones.

Surprisingly, global SPA companies, which have continued to grow, are facing a serious management crisis under the turn of the tide. The Amazon effect of the online business is also having an impact, but the negative image on the products and its quality of the SPA brand is a big cause.

Unlike the global SPA brand companies, however, Dongdaemun market is continuing its speed management. It is leading the global fashion market by ‘faster and faster’

-Some of the popular Dongdaemun fashion items we exported last week,

The Dongdaemun fashion products are not mass-produced by machines, but as customized products. Numerous sewing factories around Dongdaemun market have been producing fast-paced and excellent fashion products despite difficult management conditions. There was a praise on Dongdaemun fashion products from a business man, who is the chairman of a large Chinese company. +

“With the four strengths speed, trend, good quality and low price, Dongdaemun market system is not seen anywhere else. The market system is superior to global SPA brand Zara.”

In the meantime, many wholesalers in Dongdaemun market, as well as lots of Dongdaemun designers who are employees of wholesale shops and freelancers or apprentices, have increased the emotional value of Dongdaemun fashion products. 

They have maintained the high global market competitiveness of Dongdaemun fashion products with QM’s marketing strategy in the Dokkaebi (Phantom) market, which has been operating diligently without sleeping at night.

President Moon Jae-in delivered a keynote speech on the prevention of COVID-19 at the World Health Assembly, which held a videoconference in late May 2020.

President Moon went on to say that the South Korean government had “consistently based its response on the three principles of openness, transparency, and democracy” and was “working to minimize needless constraints on human and material movements according to WHO recommendations.” “We will actively provide support with the disease prevention knowledge and items that other countries are requesting as circumstances permit,” he said. ++

In the recent, ahead of the post-Corona era, import demand for various types of ‘Korean made’ products in the global market has increased rapidly. In other word, the popularity of buyers and consumers from all over the world about K-products is further improved.

“Strike the iron while it is hot.”

We should all understand the true meaning of this proverb. Dongdaemun market people must maintain a sustainable management that produces and sells good designer products at low prices.

+ Joonang Ilbo, October 11. 2017.



Bong Sul (Advisor, SeoulClick)

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