Buying Agency Service

Buying Agency Service

Our one-stop service provides comprehensive services for people or businesses overseas who want to purchase clothing products in Dongdamun

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one of the most fashionable and competitive garment producers in the world. Our services range from “Buying Agency Service”, “Accompanying Foreign Buyers and Providing Interpreting Service”, “Shipping and Delivery Service”, and any other services related to facilitating foreign buyers’ purchasing activities in Dongdaemun market.

Accompanying Buyers and Interpreting Service

Customized 1:1 accompanying and interpreting service according to specific requirements of buyer

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Our services are customized to specific requirements of each buyer. We help our customers to find and purchase products they are looking for by shopping together and interpreting for them. We may make an arrangement for their shopping schedule in advance, depending on their schedule so that they can have easy and comfortable experiences while achieving their goals in shopping in Dongdaemun.


Re-order for purchased products

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When you want to purchase the same products as your previous ones, you can give the order just through email, instant messaging services such as Line and Kakaotalk, or fax, etc. without having to visit here. Located in Dongdaemun and keeping contact with makers and sellers in the market, Seouclick is able to meet your orders in real time. If products are available on the day you order, for example, the shipment can be made on the same day.


Shipping and Delivery Service

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Products are shipped and delivered in a fast and safe manner, using EMS (Express Mail Service) by Korea Postal Service. Otherwise, the delivery can be made through DHL, FEDEX, OCS or any other global delivery systems, according to customers’ specific request.

Pick-Up Service

Pick-up service for buyers who do not need accompanying and interpreting service

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This service is suitable for buyers who can go shopping and carry out their business on their own without any assistance from a buying agency. We can deal with all the remaining procedures after you have executed the purchase. You don’t have to wait for the products to be manufactured or be ready for delivery. We pick your goods up on behalf of you and get them to where you want.

Goods-Finding Service

Goods-finding service for buyers who are unable to come to Korea

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Goods-Finding Service is useful for buyers who look for certain clothing items or want to buy them in Dongdaemun markets without coming to Korea. Seouclick can provide the “Goods-Finding” service, through which foreign buyers can find or purchase the same or similar products that they are looking for. Based on our business experiences in Dongdaemun for over two decades, we have built wide business network with sellers and manufactures in the clothing market. Our wide business network will enable you to find and get the products you want in Dongdaemun.

Making orders via Video Call

Making orders via video call service for buyers who are unable to come to Korea

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Overseas customers can purchase Dongdaemum products through video calls with Seoulclick. This service can be an ideal method for overseas customers who are too busy to come to Korea or want to save time as well as travelling cost.


Clothing, Fabrics, Fashion Goods, Accessory and Clothing Subsidiary Material

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- Dongdaemun has around 20 wholesale garment markets, where approximately 15,000 shops are actively engaging in their business. The wholesale markets carry a wide range of brand-new and K-fashion clothing products for Men’s and Women’s clothes.

- Dongdaumun Fabric Market carries a good selection of fabrics including bedding, machine thread, yarns, trimmings, lace, furs, and specialty fabrics. The fabrics come from cotton, polyester, wool, silk, acryl, etc. Furthermore, customers can get access to most sophisticated and trendy design products, thanks to skillful and excellent fabric designers in Korea. The fabric market consists of around 4,300 shops.

Fashion Goods
- Shoppers can find fashion goods including but not limited to shoes, bags, scarves, sunglasses, socks, belts, gloves, hats, etc. Pyounghwa Market has about 1,300 shops dealing with fashion goods, Dongdaumun Shoes Market has about 500 stalls and Nampyoungwha Bags Market has approximately 400 shops.

- Shoppers can have a choice among a wide selection of accessories with originality of K-fashion, including earrings, necklaces, rings, etc. Namdaemun Accessory Market has around 3,000 shops, which is the largest in the world.

Clothing Subsidiary Material
- Dongdaemun has also markets for clothing subsidiary materials such as threads, buttons, lace, mannequin, etc. From a treasure chest of subsidiary materials; Donghwa Market and Dongdaemun Fabric Market.