Inspection Service​

“Inspection Service” is intended to filter out flawed products before being delivered to customers’ hands.

We conduct a systematic inspection from checking the products’ size, color, sewing conditions, and fabric conditions, to ironing and even to need detection. If found flawed, the products will be fixed on the inspection process or will be exchanged for new ones. After finishing all the inspection process, we can also provide a wrapping service, whereby the products are wrapped with polybag.

Our comprehensive and systematic services will provide one-stop solution to shopping in Dongdaemun, ranging from “Buying Agency Service” and “Inspection Service” to “Shipping & Delivery Service”. The services will free our customers of time-consuming and difficult tasks and enable them to focus only on shopping what they are looking for in Dongdaemum markets.

Labelling Service

Attaching the main label and care label on the products.

We provide a labeling service for attaching the main label and care label on the products.
Care label will be described in the language as requested by customers. The label and paper tag can be designed as requested by customers.